Sleepm Wellness Mission

According to the National Academies Collection Reports (Funded by National Institutes of Health), 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders. Lack of sleep hinders our ability to properly function and affects our health and longevity. When we do not have quality sleep, our immune system is adversely affected. When the immune system is weak, the cells are unable to rejuvenate during our sleep cycles. 

The purpose of the Biocrystal products are to help improve the sleeping environment for people so that our immune systems can function the way that it should and our cells can work for us in the appropriate manner. Sleep is an aspect of health that many people take for granted. The company intends that people who use our Biocrystal products can experience much better sleep in order to bring more positivity and value to the world. 

Sleepm Global works in tandem with the World Organization of Natural Medicine, an organization that specializes in helping the world understand their health through an alternative perspective. Both organizations work together to share the importance of sleep wellness with the world. 

May we all sleep better and live better!



Sleepm’s has partnered with the World Organization of Natural Medicine to share the gift of natural health through sleep. 

How Biocrystals play a role

The Sleepm Biocrystal Pads can be used for a variety of applications. As Biocrystals have the potential to help us sleep better through improved blood circulation, people everywhere have experienced improvements in their overall sleep wellness. 

What Do Doctors from WONM have to say?

Car Collision Recovery

 “On June 5, 2019, I was in an auto collision, and a large portion of the vehicle was damaged. Luckily, my head was secured by an air bag and was not injured; be that as it may. I was grieved by frenzy and tinnitus. I lay on the SLEEPM mattress and  pillow for three days, and started working on the fourth day. I could even go to the community in Sudbury, which is five hours away from Toronto, to do a presentation on SLEEPM products. I emphatically recommend that SLEEPM products can without any doubt open up the whole body. And in this way our body manifest the self healing impact.”



Chronic neck tension and whiplash injury recovery

 “I wholeheartedly recommend the soothing osteopathic design and immune benefits of the grounding of gold and silver in the biocrystal pillow and WONM topper, which quickly and drastically reduced my chronic neck tension post whiplash paralysis injuries. Finally, I sleep great now and wake rested and energized.  Thanks, SleepM for combining such great bioenergetic technologies into one to benefit all.“


Rtd MD And Diplomate Instructor In Quantum Biofeedback

Stiffness and Heaviness relief

“After sleeping on the pillow for only about three days I experience total relief from chronic neck pain that is suffered from due to whiplash from car accidents years ago. The morning stiffness and heaviness that I felt in the back of my head disappeared within four weeks of using the pillow.”


Co-founder of the World  Organization of Natural Medicine

Eliminates pain from neck and shoulders

 “I use my Sleepm topper and pillow nightly. These give me a better sleep and eliminate pains from my neck and shoulders.”


Ph.D., IMD, DHS.

Hemorrhoid recovery

“After using one month Sleepm’s mattress, the hemorrhoid that I’ve been suffering from is gone. The surgery is not needed anymore.”


Post Doctor, Harvard University