Sleepm Wellness Mission

We did a deep dive into the scientific data to understand the state of sleep quality in America.

The stats from recent surveys are not pretty:

Poor sleep quality leads to all sorts of mental and physical health issues. Your chances of getting heart disease, cancer, depression and many other ailments all go up significantly when you are sleep deprived. Improving our sleep should be a top national priority.

But let’s also look at the positives. People who get a good night’s sleep report life satisfaction scores that are twice as high as those who get bad sleep. That’s huge! Anything that can double your life satisfaction should be taken very seriously. That is why we at Sleepm strive everyday to put out the world’s most exquisitely engineered sleep products.

We created Sleepm to do our very best to make sure that millions more people can improve their health and overall happiness through the power of better sleep. And we partnered with the World Organization of Natural Medicine to help amplify our message of better wellness through innovative, biocrystal infused mattresses, pillows, and heating pads.

When you use our biocrystal products you improve your chances of having a good night’s rest significantly. As you can read below and on our testimonials page, Sleepm users report improved recovery, faster healing, and higher energy levels.

Don’t wait until you’re suffering — it’s time to put your health first by investing in the best sleep products in the world!


Sleepm is a proud partner of World Organization of Natural Medicine, the most prestigious natural healing organization on the globe. Together, we share the gift of using natural methods and products to improve health through better sleep.

How Biocrystals play a role

Each one of the 16 crystals used in our custom Biocrystal blend plays a role in improving sleep quality. We designed it to reduce anxiety, calm your mind, improve your circulation, and allow you to achieve deep relaxation states. Other companies just make sleep products. We holistically improve your wellbeing.

Elite Doctors from the World Organization of Natural Medicine Love Sleepm

Car collision recovery

On June 5, 2019, I was in an auto collision and a large portion of the vehicle was damaged. Luckily, my head was secured by an air bag and was not injured. Still, I was severely affected by frenzy and tinnitus. I laid on my Sleepm mattress and pillow for three days, and I felt good enough to start working on the fourth day. I could even go to the community in Sudbury, which is five hours away from Toronto, to do a presentation on Sleepm products. I emphatically believe that Sleepm products can, without any doubt, open up the whole body. In this way, our body manifests it’s own self healing processes.”



Chronic neck tension and whiplash injury recovery

“I wholeheartedly recommend the biocrystal pillow and topper. Their osteopathic design is soothing and the the grounding of the gold and silver provide clear immune benefits. These products quickly and drastically reduced my chronic neck tension after my whiplash paralysis injuries. I sleep great now and wake rested and energized. Thanks, SleepM for combining such great bioenergetic technologies into your products for the benefit all.”


Rtd MD And Diplomate Instructor In Quantum Biofeedback

Stiffness and heaviness relief

“After sleeping on a Sleepm pillow for about three days, I experienced total relief from chronic neck pain that had bothered me since I experienced whiplash in car accidents years ago. The morning stiffness and heaviness that I felt in the back of my head disappeared within four weeks of using the pillow.”


Co-founder of the World  Organization of Natural Medicine

Eliminates pain from neck and shoulders

 “I use my Sleepm topper and pillow nightly. These give me a better sleep and eliminate pains from my neck and shoulders.”


Ph.D., IMD, DHS.

Hemorrhoid recovery

“After using Sleepm’s mattress for one month, the hemorrhoid that I had been suffering from is gone. I was going to get surgery, but now I don’t have to.”


Post Doctor, Harvard University