This is Where the Magic Happens

Get to know the crystals that make up the Sleepm™ Biocrystal blend

16 Carefully Selected Crystals, Unlimited Good Vibrations

Our Biocrystal Blend is a unique mixture of 16 ancient elements whose properties are enhanced with gold and silver. Crystals can help balance the bioelectrical field of the body as you sleep, allowing for natural healing to take place.  


Known to some as the “stone of protection”, the properties of this crystal are said to aid in hormone production, stimulate the endocrine system, boost metabolism, and calm the mind and spirit. Allow this crustal to help you let go of anger, fear, and anxiety. Now, that makes for some sweet dreams!


Prized by the ancient Egyptians and often associated with the heart chakra, Aventurine is said to alleviate stress, make you more creative, and reduce anxiety. Aventurine can help calm any negative thoughts or emotions that arise after a long day, allowing you to rest more deeply.



Citrine, treasured for thousands of years as a stone of abundance and positivity, is especially helpful for promoting healthy digestion and metabolism while reducing bloating. People also find it improves their self esteem.


Also known as fluorite, this crystal is said to emit protective properties and block negative electromagnetic energy. Fluorspar promotes calmness, relaxation, and emotional wellbeing. Ease nighttime anxiety and drift into a beautiful sleep with the help of this special mineral. 


Also known as Bloodstone, this crystal is said to promote healthy blood circulation, purify the spirit, and revitalize the mind. It’s energy has been described as very grounding. When you need some truly calm moments at the end of your busy day, Heliotrope is there to help.

Dalmatian Jasper

Fun fact: the black spots on the Dalmatian Jasper are black tourmaline deposits. This crystal is prized for it’s ability to instill joy and ward off negative energy. The harmonizing energy of this crystal also helps balance strong emotions. Anytime you’re stressed, Dalmatian Jasper can help.

Jasper Leopard

The vibrational frequency of this crystal provides a sense of stability, ease, and resilience. It is also used to help encourage discipline, honesty, and kindness. Sleep on Jasper Leopard all night and you should wake up feeling a renewed sense of emotional wellbeing.

Jasper Natural

Jasper Natural is mostly used to counteract stress by allowing one to develop a greater sense of calm and a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Tranquility and peace are so important when it comes to getting good sleep, and Jasper Natural helps make sure you can feel that when you lay your head down at night.

Orange Calcite

The Orange Calcite crystal is known to energize the spirit and fuel creativity. It’s traditionally been used to enhance the sacral chakra, which is the bodies wellspring of vitality and passion. People feel more motivation and zest for life after spending time around Orange Calcite.

Rose Quartz

An extremely popular crystal, Rose Quartz is known for promoting trust, harmony, love, openness, and healing. The energetic properties of Rose Quartz may even aid the heart and circulatory system. If you crave positive vibes, forgiveness, acceptance, and love, you can’t go wrong with Rose Quartz!


Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, the Selenite crystal is all about purifying, clearing, and creating space for positive energy. Many people struggle to relax and let go of the day’s worries. Selenite aids in that process. When it comes to easing stress and anxiety before bed, nothing beats Selenite.

Serpentine Jade

Also known as the “Snake Jade,” this crystal is associated with rejuvenation, abundance, luck and longevity. Many people also use this crystal to combat negative thinking patterns. Serpentine Jade promotes the healing of the mind, body, and spirit.


The Sodalite Crystal can help you trust your intuition and be a better communicator. It’s also great for promoting overall relaxation. A clear heart and a calm mind are necessary for good sleep, so it was very important for us to include Sodalite into our custom biocrystal blend.