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Benefits of Sleepm’s Biocrystal Toppers

We take “smart” sleep technology to a new level with the Isotonic 7-zone Memory Foam Mattress Topper. This layered topper keeps you cool, comfortable, and supported all night with temperature-responsive technology. Available is the original Sleepm Biocrystal® Topper. With temperature-responsive smart foam containing carbon, an odor neutralizing agent. Multi-surface design offers additional support and relieves pressure points where needed to relax and comfort the entire body. Also features cool channel ventilation to permit air flow to cool you as you sleep.The breathable mesh gusset cover and the responsive smart foam provide a cooler night’s sleep.

The Classic Topper

Cool Gel Memory Foam

Designed by NASA in the 1970’s, the cool gel memory foam improves seat cushioning and crash protection for pilots and passengers. It’s made from a substance called Viscoelastic. It is soft and energy absorbent, which minimizes impact.

Biocrystal Mixture

The latest technology from the natural resources; crystals combined with the scientific technology to improve quality of life.

Thai Natural Latex

Milky sap from Thai Rubber Trees. This milky sap is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, mildew proof, and dust mite resistant.

Activated Carbon

It absorbs odors and polluted air particles. It also gathers negative ions that promote blood circulation while blocking electro – magnetic waves.

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