Before the worldwide presence, before the awards, before we even had a product, there was just an idea — we wanted to create incredible sleep products that promoted whole body health. Our goal was to improve everything from the joints to the nervous system to the spirit. When we looked at the market in 2018, we saw a lot of companies selling adequate beds and pillows. We didn’t see anyone pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We didn’t see anyone willing to scour the globe for the finest, rarest, most treasured crystals in order to craft one of a kind sleep products that help heal the body, soothe the mind, and dramatically raise energy levels. We had to build that company ourselves.

Before going further, allow us a small diversion on crystals. You might be wondering why we’re so obsessed. It’s a pretty simple answer — they make us, and millions of our customers, feel a lot better. When we’re around the right kinds of crystals, we heal faster and wake up feeling more alive. We won’t sit here and claim to know exactly how it all works. But to be honest, you can say the same thing about many traditional healing practices. No one can pinpoint exactly how or why meditation, acupuncture, Ayurveda, or any number of non-standard healing modalities produce results. Yet, for thousands of years, people have felt better after doing those practices. That’s what matters. Crystals fall into a similar category. They’ve been part of healing ceremonies since we have recorded history. We want to use them to help a lot of people live happier and more productive lives.

If we were going to build the best sleep products, we knew we had to have the best crystals. Ordering in bulk after a quick Google search was not going to cut it. All of our founders embarked on a worldwide research and development project. We quickly zeroed in on Europe, and specifically Croatia, as being a hotspot for the kinds of crystals we felt would help people sleep better. After taking several trips to the region, we finally met with a group of local producers who had crystals that blew us away. Being around their crystals clearly boosted our energy and lifted our mood. We knew we’d found our suppliers.

The only snag was that the natural crystals we wanted to use are like gold. You can’t just snap your fingers and get as much as you want. They have to be carefully harvested, and quantities are limited. We had to figure out a way to maximize these crystal’s healing benefits while making them attainable by more than just a select few people.

When we hit on our answer, it felt like a revelation — we could create a custom blend of the crystals. We applied the same principles that led to the personal health revolution upon the discovery of vitamin that could be powdered and taken in capsules. We realized we could shave off the parts of each crystal that our experts identify as being the most energetic, combine them into a blend, then incorporate them into sleep products without losing potency. This was the birth of our patented crystal formulation — Biocrystals.

As soon as we laid on our first Biocrystal pad using this process, we knew we’d done something we were excited to share with as many people as possible. At that moment, Sleepm was born.

Everything we make is infused with Biocrystals and crafted in America and Canada to the highest standards. We are so proud to say that we’ve become the boundary pushing, health promoting, one of a kind company we always dreamed of being. It’s our greatest pleasure to be making people happier and more energized, one night at a time.

Eric Sternberg


A Message from the President of Sleepm. 

As President of this company, I would personally like to welcome you to Sleepm Global Inc.

We wanted to create something special, to give people much more than a bed to lay their head on. We wanted to a world where people would lay down feeling exhausted and spent but wake up bursting with energy and fully redressed. So we combined various materials including a certain substance called bio-crystal. In addition, we combined other materials such a natural latex from Thailand, and activated carbon. All of these materials help make a comfortable mattress that is unique from the rest.

Since the inception of time, the goal of humanity has been to work towards making the world a better place for us all to live in. and giving us and the generations to come a better life. The inspiration of Sleepm Global Incorporated is to give generations to come a better life and the quest for a better life.

It is impossible not to be excited about the possibilities that Biocrystals create. With it we have created a mattress that provides you enough comfort and help heal your tired body. The aim of science has been to create a better life for us all, and in Sleepm Global Inc, we can truly say that our nights have gotten a lot better.


Eric Sternberg


Dr. Sheila McKenzie, Ph.D

Sleep Consultant

Dr. Sheila McKenzie, is the President of the World Organization of Natural Medicine. She is the director of Clinics for Humanity and helps promote the message of Natural Medicine for the world. Driven by her mission to help suffering individuals from developed and developing countries, Dr. McKenzie established the WONM Clinics for Humanity to provide traditional natural medicine and healthcare to underserved people and promote humanitarian values through education. 


Dr. Jeffry Parker

Wellness Consultant

Dr. Jeffry Parker attended Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1981. After experiencing his mother’s remarkable recovery through natural healing, he was inspired to become a natural healing chiropractor. Giving love and care to his patients is what makes Dr. Parker stand out from other chiropractors of the community. He has devoted his life to the healing arts with the purpose of helping his patients seek a way out of their suffering. 


Dr. Deborah Drake

Sleep Consultant

As a graduate from McMaster University (Doctor of Medicine), Dr. Drake specializes in stress, pain, relaxation and Peak Performance, with evidence based measurement tools and therapies. She has created several academies and now focus on Bioenergetic, Nutritional, Detox and Stress medicine, providing consulting and Education Training. She currently work in Toronto as the new and first Director of Bioenergetics at the Head Office of the Board of Integrative Medicine and Integrative Health Group.