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Made in the US and Canada

Our Mattresses are designed and made using the highest quality materials in the United States and Canada. 

Size Measurements

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Measurement Details

Inches: 39 x 75

Centimeters: 99.06 x 190.5

Inches: 54 x 75

Centimeters: 137.16 x 190.5

Inches: 60 x 80

Centimeters: 152.4 x 203.2

Inches: 76 x 80

Centimeters: 193.04 x 203.2

Inches: 72 x 84

Centimeters: 182.88 x 213.36

Experience Sleep

like you haven’t before

The Biocrystal properties coupled with high quality material layers create a wonderful sleeping experience for our customers. 

The Finest Materials

The Sleepm team has invested into the highest quality materials in the market. We truly strive to create the best experience we can for our customers. 

Cool Gel Memory Foam

Designed by NASA in the 1970’s, the cool gel memory foam improves seat cushioning and crash protection for pilots and passengers. It’s made from a substance called Viscoelastic. It is soft and energy absorbent, which minimizes impact.

Activated Carbon:

  • Carbon is well known to help enhance detox and better absorb negative ions and odors
  • Can help block pollution like negative EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) stress from electronics, computers, WIFI, Cellphone, TV etc.
  • Helps circulation, respiratory rate and blood pressure stress reduction by neutralizing your sleeping environment

Biocrystal Energy

  • 18 different crystals from various parts of the world have been processed and pressed into the special insert which is in each mattress, topper and pillow.
  • The types of crystals have been used for thousands of years to help balance the energetic flow of the various organs and may assist your overall wellbeing.
  • Each crystal has an affinity and acts on specific organs and helps in balancing various organs distress, raises the energy in the body and has a beneficial effect on integrating the mind, body spirit and emotional state.

Micro-Coil Technology

A hybrid mattress with micro-coils provides better airflow, relieves joint pressure, prevents motion transfer, provides all night comfort for years to come.

Customers are lovin’ it

Customers from all walks of life have experienced benefits beyond their expectations

I was in an auto collision, and a large portion of the vehicle was damaged. I lay on the SLEEPM mattress and  pillow for three days, and started working on the fourth day. 

Finally, I sleep great now and wake rested and energized.  Thanks, SleepM for combining such great bioenergetic technologies into one to benefit all.

I use my Sleepm topper and pillow nightly. These give me a better sleep and eliminate pains from my neck and shoulders.

During my study on the SleepM Pillow, Topper & Mattress many clients reported improvement in their Pain as shown in the published study

After sleeping on the pillow for only about three days I experience total relief from chronic neck pain that is suffered from due to whiplash from car accidents years ago.

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