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Sleepm Mattresses

Whether you’re a night owl, an early riser, or a nap lover, our Biocrystal Mattress will help you sleep better. The extraordinarily relaxing SleepM mattress promotes a full night of quality sleep, leading to enhanced energy and heightened concentration throughout the day. Not only does our bed promote sweet dreams — it can even help improve your immune system, body circulation, and muscular strength! The mattress is designed to help prevent neck pain, chronic lower back pain, and all diseases that stem from lack of sleep.

The Sleepm Mattress comes in Five Sizes


Sleepm’s biocrystal beds incorporate real gold and silver in the exact proportions needed to maximize healing. In the past, only kings and queens could sleep on crystals, gold and silver. We think everyone deserves to be treated like royalty.

The Sleepm Biocrystal® Mattress is an innovative mattress that combines modern technology and ancient medicinal properties for powerful results. The benefits reported by our users are incredible:

  • More nights of high-quality sleep
  • More energy
  • More tranquil state of mind
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved immune system and body circulation
  • Faster workout recovery and a strengthened muscular system
  • Relief from neck and lower-back pain

Sleepm Toppers

Want to experience the benefits of our amazing biocrystal blends without replacing your current mattress? We’ve got you covered! Well, the topper goes under you, but you know what we mean 😉

We take “smart” sleep technology to a new level with the Isotonic 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress Topper. This layered topper keeps you cool, comfortable, and supported all night with temperature-responsive technology.

Try the Black Diamond One (with activated charcoal and latex), the Blue Diamond One (without activated charcoal and latex), or the original SLEEPM Biocrystal® Topper. This topper is filled with the same Biocrystal® blends you’ll find in our SLEEPM mattress.

Biocrystal Classic Series

7-Zone Black Diamond Series

7-Zone Blue Diamond Series

Biocrystal Toppers Size Chart

Inches: 28 x 70

Centimeters: 71.12 x 177.8

* Only Available for the Classic Topper Series

Inches: 39 x 75

Centimeters: 99.06 x 190.5

Inches: 54 x 75

Centimeters: 137.16 x 190.5

Inches: 60 x 80
Centimeters: 152.4 x 203.2

Inches: 76 x 80

Centimeters: 193.04 x 203.2

Inches: 72 x 84

Centimeters: 182.88 x 213.36

Benefits of Sleepm Toppers

  • Smart foam + activated carbon — this combination keeps you comfortable while making your sleep space fresh and odor free
  • Support where it counts — our engineers know precisely which pressure points need relief and this topper engages them all
  • Stay cool all night — Nothing disrupts sleep like getting too hot. Our cool-channel ventilation and mesh gusset cover permits airflow to keep your body at just the right temperature






Polar Bear









When you sleep, the cervical vertebrae have direct contact with your pillow. Poorly aligned neck ones will lead to downstream problems with your shoulders, back, hips, ligaments, spinal discs, and more. That’s where we come in. SleepM pillows went through extensive testing to discover the ideal way to support your cervical vertebrae.

Neck and back issues from an uncomfortable pillow can also lead to serious insomnia (we’ve been there), so never underestimate how important it is to find the right product on which to lay your head. Try our pillows today and experience whole body alignment for the first time.


Try our new crystal infused eye mask!

Don’t just block out light, block out bad vibrations. The SleepM Eye Mask brings the energy raising of Biocrystals closer to your eyes, improving circulation and promoting restful sleep.

Biocrystal mixtures

Mother Nature Infused

The Biocrystals are direct elements of Mother Nature. Experience its energetic properties through daily consistent usage. 


Learn More About Biocrystals

The Biocrystal elements of the Sleepm products create a functional product that enhances the sleeping experience of the user. Infused with the natural elements of mother nature, the energetic frequencies promote cellular balance during sleep. 

Experience the power of the Biocrystal Pad in your everyday routines. We offer Biocrystal pads in two sizes.

Absolutely not! Biocrystals are natural elements of mother nature. Users can only experience benefits from the natural energy frequencies.

Activated Charcoal for Longevity

The combination of Biocrystal elements and Activated Charcoal allows our products to withstand the thick and thin of everyday odors and impurities. The properties of activated charcoal absorb it all and the pollutant molecules are trapped inside the porous structures of the charcoal, removing it from the air. Furthermore, they can help block electromagnetic fields and radiation. 


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