Recognized for consistent outstanding performance year after year

Recipient of the Stevie Awards

Recipient of the Kotler Awards

Recipient of the Telly Awards

Recipient of the Titan Awards

Recognized for the following:

–Sleepm Global Inc. launched in June 2018; since had $51 Million in Revenue
–Products sold in 50 countries 2018 through now
–World’s only MLM sleep products company, Sleepm Global in ten months time had over 3500 distributors
–First sleep products company to focus entirely on “sleep health” with products carefully researched and designed to promote sleep
–Global Director Emma He has helped over 100 distributors have an annual income of over $100,000/each
–Sleepm, under He, provided over 100 “Sleep Knowledge” lectures for communities worldwide
–In 2019, opened a Los Angeles office
–Under He, company stands out for management team with natural and medical doctors
–Staff grows to over 200 in awards year through now including workers in factories, distribution, office staff
–First mattress company to have product covered by health/medical insurance, in the awards year in Canada

The Maverick of the Year Award represents the efforts that Emma has invested into the company and bringing that value to the distributors.

The Biocrystal Sleepm Products have opened up a new way for people to experience their sleep. 

As an entrepreneur herself, Emma has inspired the company’s distributors to go after their entrepreneurial dreams. Sleepm creates the resources for distributors to succeed.

Since the company’s conception, Sleepm Global has been globally recognized for their performances and value that they bring into the sleep wellness space. 

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Sleepm Global Inc. is a globally recognized company with a mission to share the gift of sleep wellness with everyone. Since the company launched in 2018, it has created business opportunities for thousands of distributors across the globe with products that everyone that could improve the quality of your life sleep health and wellness.