Sleep Versus Rest

         Why do we feel relaxed and calm after we close our eyes and take deep breaths? Giving our minds a break from time to time also relaxes our neurons when we are not actively concentrating on specific tasks. While we close our eyes and allow ourselves to focus on our breathing, we relax our muscles, reduce stress, and decrease anxiety. As good as that is, the act of simply closing our eyes is not sleeping. 

      Only through deep nighttime sleep do we help our cells repair, release growth hormones, regulate appetite, and impact our immune system. While we sleep, our brains regulate hormones such as melatonin. The hormone allows our bodies to regulate itself according to the circadian rhythms and the natural rhythmic cycles of mother nature.

       While resting with our eyes closed helps us recharge throughout the day, actual sleep plays a crucial part in prevention of future health challenges because it strengthens our cells and immune system. 



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